[Hook: Gucci]
Got buddy, my buddy
Goddamn that boy pour muddy
My buddy pour muddy
Goddamn that boy pour muddy
Pour it in – muddy, muddy…
Goddamn that boy pour muddy
Real muddy, that boy pour muddy
Goddamn that boy pour muddy

[Verse 1: Gucci]
I’ve got a buddy pour the s**t real muddy
Goddamn that boy pour muddy
I’ve got a buddy pour the Sprite real dirty
Goddamn, goddamn, goddamn…
I’ve got a buddy from the country but he think he from the city
He a country shady n***a but the n***a really picky
Drankin’ on a pint and it cost a pretty penny
Gucci Mane and Dolph, freshest n****s in the city
All these bosses eat a trap, shoot with the rats
Econoline ’99, I was sellin’ sacks
Mama threw me out the house and I moved in with Pot
Sleepin’ on the floor, I didn’t even have a stack

[Hook: Gucci]

[Verse 2: Young Scooter]
Take a whole 2 litre, pour a whole pint in it
And I’m in the club sleepin’ ’cause that lean got me trippin’
And I smoke an ounce with it, plus I’m on the mollies, n***a
Clear crystals keep me up, that lean bring me down, n***a
When we pout it up, it be muddy…
South Memphis, I’m with og Boo Dirty
I’m on a paper route, I’ve gotta f**k with Young Dolph
Money, power, ammunition, Peewee, take ‘em off
I call pilots, tell ‘em… a thousand pints up
N***a wanna spend an 80, knowing he a duck
Soon as I left out of court I started pouring up
And we don’t pour up red, we pour up purple, bruh

[Hook: Gucci]

[Verse 3: Young Dolph]
All I drink is mud…
Take your girl and turn her into my nighttime s***
But we don’t hardly ever f**k
I swear I’m scared of that b***h ’cause her p***y too good
Damn, or maybe it could be me
I’m full of syrup, jumped in that p***y and fell asleep
Shit… I can’t be doin’ this
Go with my pistol in my hand and went and took a piss
Damn… yeah, I’ve been goin’ ham
Go and ask the streets be, they gon’ tell you who I am
Your little sister say she love me
Your baby mama wanna f**k me and my cup extra muddy

[Hook: Gucci]
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Muddy Lyrics