You know I just can't fight it, got no
More strength to hide it; inside my
Heart I hear the Call. I get tired of
People pleasin', the same old rhyme
And reason; is it any wonder that
We fall
Chorus I:
Tear down the walls around me, the
Time has come to make a stand;
Open up my heart to You, Lord;
I want to Iive for You; do anything
You want me to; gonna lay it on
The Iine
Chorus ii:
Ooh, send a message out; take it to
The people everywhere. Ooh,
Send a message out, take it to My
People everybody shout
You feel the war around you, you
Start to run and hide because you
Don't know what to do. You've got
No need to worry about the fire
And fury; the Blood of Christ will
Cover you
Chorus I
Chorus ii
Take it all around the world, take
This Message to the people
Chorus I
Chorus iii:
Ooh, send a message out; take
It to the people everywhere. Won't
You please send a message out,
Take it to My people, everybody
Repeat chorus iii
Matthew 28: l8-20 / Jeremiah 20: 9
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Send A Message Lyrics

Guardian – Send A Message Lyrics