Out on a night, weightless and beyond design
Light headin’ heavy and through the night
Half awake, found the wild in the wilderness
Under the starry sky of straights

[Chorus: x2]
Made a fire, in desire
Turns like a wheel
Changes with the wind

Burst as an instrument, all the notes play with discipline
Hanging until and rising as they fall
After a life, it came until tomorrow’s drive
Holding a stormy spinning wheel

[Chorus: x2]

Through the night turn and set
Stay fast, a music script
Set a line and drive into a dream
Make it through the night again
Count back from a thousand to ten
Ride it out and drive into a dream

[Chorus: x2]

I walk a line
I walk a line
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Changes With The Wind Lyrics

Great Lake Swimmers – Changes With The Wind Lyrics

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