Hey You, you lost your only friend
You can't believe you're broken heart will ever mend
But every mountain has its faces that'd make you want to stop
On this so unwelcome journey from the bottom to the top

Move along
I believe there's Something Beautiful to see
Move along
I believe there's Something Beautiful
Just waiting for you and me

I know you'll never count the tears you've cried
Though you've asked a million questions
No one could tell you why
A single soul is chosen to be the one put to the test
But there will be some consolation for a heart that never rests

The years will make us older
The winters make us colder
And there's one more thing I've come to know for sure
There's no bitterness that smolders, no chip on any shoulder
That a random act of kindness couldn't cure

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Something Beautiful Lyrics

Great Big Sea – Something Beautiful Lyrics

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