Bloodshot and bleary these old eyes have seen too much
As the bottles add up I'm losing touch
Trying to let go, because it hurts to hold
It isn't getting better, its been bad for so long

Shattering bottles to take off the edge
I've fucked up again and my whole life's a wreck
I can't stand this fucking shit life I've created
Its off to the corner store to get self medicated

Drinking the piss to save money hard up for cash
But I gotta get trashed its the only way
I can stand to face another day, ill fucking throw it away

Drinking the swill to save money, hard up for cash
But I gotta get fucked up
Can't face my family, no one can stand me, I throw it away

The bottles my only friend when my whole life feels so low
Theres only one way to let go
Because each little instance it all seems so mocking
Ill drink my while like away and no one will stop me

I never sleep anymore, and I'm so lethargic
I can't stop this runaway freight train I've started
And I wouldn't if I could because I hate being sober
I just got fucking started and its already over

The pressure keeps building it never relents
I gotta get wrecked or ill never forget
Sometimes it seems like the bottle is my only friend
At the bottom is the salvation that's I'm drowning in
Throw it away
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Self Medication Lyrics

Government Warning – Self Medication Lyrics