Hunger, In The Saddle Again
I Just Can?? T Say No
Thunder, The Call Of The Wild
That's When I Got To Go

Never Got Enough
Always Back For More
I?? M On Top Of The World, I?? M Alive
I Hear The Motor Rumble
N?? Running Overdrive

Into The Night
Know I Gonna Find
Where Is The Road
For The Peace Of Mind
It?? S A Neverending Ride
On The Wings Of Destiny
Don?? T Know 'Bout Tomorrow
Or What Will Be

All I Want Is

Ride On, Ride On
Under One Big Sky
Ride On, Ride On
Till The Day I Die

Devil, Gotta Wait For Me
I?? M Down On "1O1"
This Happens To Be My Number
My Life Has Just Begun

Never Got Enough
Always Back For More
I'm On Top Of The World I'm Alive
I Got My Motor Burnin', Yeah
N' Runnin' Overdrive
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Ride On Lyrics

Gotthard – Ride On Lyrics