He was a little bit emo
He loved his sweaters and his Thursday too
While she was talking about Ian
He was dreaming of Brand New

She was a little bit hardcore
Wore a Bane shirt and had an edge tattoo
While he sang Taking Back Sunday
She was moshing with her crew

She showed him times gone by
He showed her how to cry
They both thought Chris Carrabba
Was the world's cutest guy

He sang her songs all day
She loved him anyway
They lived in different worlds
But hey that's okay

He didn't get the connection
Seen a few shows that was all he knew
And so she played him the classics
And now he loves hardcore too

That day they finally realized
Both their scenes are one big family
And if it wasn't for hardcore
Then emo would never be

Sometimes she'd play him music
While they'd lie together in the dark
He finally heard old Fugazi
He said this sounds like Bear vs. Shark

We're not the first, I know we're not the last
The kids will always take the rock away c'mon let's start today
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A Little Bit Emo, A Little Bit Hardcore Lyrics

Good Clean Fun – A Little Bit Emo, A Little Bit Hardcore Lyrics