Shattered dreams of you & I
Awaken consumed by tortured lies,
Growing throughout eternity,
The love that died is eating at me
Choice made to prolong the death,
The empty feeling of your last caress
Nobody knows where the time has gone
Destined to stand all alone,
Thriving off the anguish of life
Broken hopes of yesterday forsaken to believe,
The fire burned beneath, her fear has become
Stronger behind her stubborn pride
State of confusion, reject the sickness!
Torn between love & hate, that is what I feel
Hoping to understand why my heart aches
For you as you crush my pride
My soul can't find rest,
A contrast in view has made it clear
Thoughts shared were untrue,
Cloned feelings of past failures
State of confusion, reject the sickness!
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Reject The Sickness Lyrics

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God Forbid – Reject The Sickness Lyrics

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