I always admitted pity
Cause I was getting lonely
Oh oh, I was lonely
A'baby without you.

I always had hid it,
Pity needed you to hold me.
Oh boy, you should have known me,
I didn't know how to.

Gone are the days of magic
Those times were cool.
I tried to make love not hate.
What was I to do?
Oh, the beats were playing,
We danced all night.
We were kissing
Till dark turned to light.

[Chorus:] Ah-ooh
Rolling back the rivers in time canґt wait.
Got to see his face somewhere.
Holding back the minutes gone by.
Someday, got to see
His face oh yeah.

Thereґs a feeling in my soul
That sets my heart alive.
I tell you thereґs a
Feeling in my soul
That tells me that youґre all mine.

Thereґs an arrow in my heart
Just hit at seventeen.
I tell you thereґs a
Shadow in my heart
That tells of what could have been.


Doesnґt really matter
I felt nothing better at all. Ho-hoo
Sending him a letter
I know I won't regret it all. Ho-hoo
Doesnґt really matter
A miracle could happen for sure. Ho-hoo
Iґd rather wait for ever
Baby never have it at all.

[Chorus (x2)]
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Rolling Back The Rivers In Time Lyrics

Girls Aloud – Rolling Back The Rivers In Time Lyrics