This town is a smoldering hole
Christo-fascists are in control
They put a Disney store in Svatoplunk Square
All the guards at the labor camp shop there
Christian values, the mark of their sect
Creepsylvanian traditions what they claim to protect
And the message has such lasting appeal
No one cares that the traditions not real

Burning books in the name of the lord
The people are converted without bullet or sword
Now the villagers have cable tv
Big macs, cadillacs, and pornography

Culture recycled and commodified
Fact and belief become homogenized
Total absorption, the past is erased
A fairy tale history is put in it's place

Lickspittle newsmen sell reliegion like soap
Hanging the dimwits from their shiny new rope
The promise of heaven was enough to entice
They turned into zombies for an army of christ

Total obedience, the plan is complete
Flag waving, behaving, religious, elite
Comatose, they do naught but consume
And consume and consume and consume and consume!!!!

Shambling from store to store, life of the living dead
Consuming, then consuming some more, life of the living dead
The christo-fascist corps, life of the living dead
Its such a fucking bore, life of the living dead
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Life Of The Living Dead Lyrics

Ghoul – Life Of The Living Dead Lyrics