Thought I' d go crazy when you said goodbye
I didn' t have that far to go
But I made a wrong turn somewhere in the night
Down a long and lonely road

To Honkytonkville, an ideal
Home away from home sweet home
Honkytonkville where I don' t feel
A thing since you' ve been gone
Where the future' s always bright
In the glow of neon lights
Livin' high on Barstool Hill in Honkytonkville

There' s friendly faces everywhere I turn
Droppin' quarters in the slot
Lord knows that we' ve all got memories to burn
And that' s why that jukebox plays around the clock

Repeat Chorus

Livin' high on Barstool Hill in Honkytonkville
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Honkytonkville Lyrics

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George Strait – Honkytonkville Lyrics

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