Break out the blindfolds!
There's teens cloaked in sheepskin
And we are the wolves at bay!
"Put her to bed with the big ones and we'll charge them at the door"
The devil soon was a vagabond and we dressed him for the prom
And now the chorus sings filth hymns
As the next horseman will transform
Show me a swollen-headed hotshot son of a bitch
Who licks his lips caked with glory
And ghosts in fine suits will go dancing with contracts in their hands
So alright I'll say goddamn
The smoke and cameras will clear and then?
"We can't surely lead them to their dooms?"
"Yeah of course we can!
We'll feed them shit till they're full in their bellies
They'll love the taste even more than the feeling
And if they build that tower it will fall down
Just like the last time"
"Look at them starving while indulging in nothing"
And now laying in rubble
"Swallow us all up we are surely not worthy!"
And there is nothing left to believe so they'll believe what they see
The ballroom is alive with torn bodies under stone
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Shhhhhh! I'm Listening To Reason Lyrics

Gatsbys American Dream – Shhhhhh! I'm Listening To Reason Lyrics