I got me a job in Norco, halfway to la
But the locals like to call it Horse Town usa
After couple hours of working
I stepped out for a smoke
But before I could even light it
I thought I was gonna choke

What's that smell – Sure ain't flowers
What's that smell – Seems to last for hours
What's that smell – Horseys make it
How am I going to take it?

Soon the afternoons got hotter
As the winter turned to spring
They handed me a big fly swatter
Said you're gonna need this thing
Later on when I was lunching
Much to my surprise
A big black bug started munching
On my burger and my fries

Swat that fly – stop that buzzin'
Swat that fly – now swat his cousin
Norco's official birds, drawn by all the horsey turds

If you ever stop in Norco
To get you a tank of gas
You'd best beware of the scented air
From horses blowing ass

What's that smell – don't bother asking
It's just the horses multi-tasking
Riding down the trails
While lifting up their tails

What's that smell – I didn't do it
Lord won't you help me get through it
Such a fine equine bouquet
Here in Horse Town usa
What's that smell? What's that smell?
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What's That Smell? Lyrics

Gaither Drake – What's That Smell? Lyrics