The scythe the hourglass
He hold us in his grasp
So I can't rush in haste
When I wait it changes everything
Sometimes it all just falls apart
Sometimes it turns to what I want
Bend back the rusty bars
Set the bridges ablaze
Cinders drift in the air
To light the path below
Refused to fall in line
Will not be caged or chained
I know there's more for me
All the pain that I have suffered taught
Me I was stronger than I thought
There's enough time to turn back the tide
Resuscitate all the drums time killed
Bring them back to life
To let them carry me over the broken ground
I will not be forced down
Cast the cards that have been dealt away
The futures mine to make out of it
What I will I'll be the one to bring
My dreams to life
Bring it back to life
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Resuscitate Lyrics

Freya – Resuscitate Lyrics

Songwriters: Corey Alexander Koniz, Darian James Lizotte, Erick A Edwards, Ian B Edwards, Karl Richard Buechner
Resuscitate lyrics © Another Victory Publishing

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