[Intro: French Montana & Red Cafe]
You know what I'm sayin' like, real talk man, like, n-ggas ain't know about no Molly's til n-ggas brung it to the, to the table (yeah) n-gga like
Harve Pierre
N-ggas wasn't sayin' no
Coke Boy 3
What it be like
This motherf-ckin' round table
(Big baller baby)
Breaking down this fresh package
(Endorsed by so mean)
Bad Boy Headquarter
Your motherf-ckin' boy Montana
(Rns real n-gga shit)
Red talk to em
Ay eh ay aye

[Verse 1: Red Cafe]
I strapped up, I hit the block (Hann)
French said they need fish-scale I hit the docks (Hann)
I punch in my card, bout 6 o'clock (Hann)
Wizard in the kitchen, magic when it hit the pot (Hann)
Lately I find more ho n-ggas than hoes (Woo)
I ice my watch, hopin' time get froze
I'm a coke boyy, hello hello hello (hello)
Pardon me G if that sounded sentimental (Hann)
Heavy-metal I bang in every ghetto (Hann)
Shakedown baby, everything is a go (Hann)
Gucci down to my toes, Louis Vuitton luggage
Rapped the 6th on the bridge, hopped out said f-ck it (Hann)
I grind non-stop even when it's snowin'
Cuz I ain't goin' broke like the n-gga Terrell Owens (Woo)
They know I been a shooter
No longer count money, I measure stacks with a ruler, I am the new ruler (Hann)
Brooklyn till they kill me
Forever keep it filthy (Hann)
Got rich cuz my motherf-ckin' work look milky (Hann)
I love my n-ggas, forever though (Hann)
And that white girl, never let her go

[Hook: French Montana]
Iiiiiii (I), I be so high (I be so high)
And that bullshit don't bother me (Don't bother me)
Iiiiiii (I), real n-ggas fo' life (real n-ggas fo' life)
I'm outchea livin' sucker free
Iiiiiii (I), I be so high (I be so high)
And that bullshit don't bother me (Don't bother me)
Iiiiiii (I), real n-ggas fo' life (real n-ggas fo' life)
I'm outchea livin' sucker free

[Verse 2: Chinx Drugz]
Devil red Maserati, call the reverend on em (Uhhh)
Gave em my whole life, but certain s**t I never told em (Nah)
Choppin' the pavement on them blades (What)
Most n-ggas get they shot, hardship is but a faze (Yeah)
Ballin' on that hard top
Know they hear my screechin' J's
Genius on that stove top, work cut 6 different ways (Ways)
In life there's 6 degrees of seperation (Yeah)
Fear leads to hesitation (Yeah)
Rose from the project gutters, boy that's elevation (That's right)
Pick the pace up on them n-ggas, that's acceleration (Wassup)
My ensembles elegant, boy that's Ellen Tracy
I f-cked the game 3 times, now I'm yellin'? (That's right)
You see them green and white diamond, boy that's segregation (Feel me now)
Top naked, engine revvin', tell them n-ggas race me (Vroom)
Your main b***h my reflection all she do is face me (Drugz)
All the money and the fame and the fornication (Yeah)
They say my mental is a gun, but I broke the safety

[Hook: French Montana]

[Verse 3: French Montana]
Rappin' never been part of the plan (Nah)
Gettin' bricks 35, Kevin Durant
Man it is what it be's(Beads), Mardi Gras (New Orleans)
You know I beez in the trap, ask Nicki Mar (Wooo)
Been doing this s**t here since ye' tall (Han)
Gettin' head from her, when Ye called
I made it n-gga (Made it n-gga)
You hated n-gga (Hated n-gga)
You dinosaur n-ggas, outdated n-gga (Han)
I seen a snow mountain, I skate it n-gga
This the aftermath, you shady n-gga
Cradle to the grave, make a Caesar out your braids
Got a kilo of that haze
And we all smokin'

[Hook: French Montana]

[Bridge: Chinx Drugz]
Iiiiiiii ohhhhh I
Been had this hustle all in my veins
For so long
Have you ever felt that way
Iiiiiiii ohhhhh I
Feel like I wanna give it all away
For so long
(I'm a cokeboy, ima ima cokeboy)
Have you ever felt that way

[Hook: French Montana]
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Headquarters Lyrics

French Montana – Headquarters Lyrics