Industry shakedown
I call this one
The industry shakedown
Word up
Uh huh
Industry shakedown
Now the reason I call it the industry shakedown
Is 'cuz a lot of niggas have fucked up
Word up, industry shakedown
Now what I mean by fucked up is
They don't wanna see the game played right
Word up, word up
So me and my nigga Pete Rock
Gon' show y'all how to play the game right
Get ready for the industry shakedown
Word up, word up
Word up, word up

I can't stop rockin'; I was born to keep it hot
Fought through miles of pain just to get what I got
Without crying, took mad shots without dying
Man, they know when I'm in town mad heads start flyin'
Whoever thought that I would be dealt the hand
That would make me the most feared lyrical man?
Ask Tone how it feel not to be able to sleep
I was layin' on him in his dream squeezing on the heat
I kept the pressure on him, now, I'm Universal
Now he played this money game called hand, reversal
I remember when I thought that I could rock at Def Jam
While I was watching other niggas caught up in a deaf scam
I remember when I stepped to Lyor, I should've blown him
'Cuz that cracker been a crook ever since I first known him
Thought I'd sail to Atlantic
But there's niggas workin' for 'em that'll sink the whole label
Like the fucking Titanic
What I gotta do is run some dick up in Sylvia Rhone
So she can hear Bumpy rockin' on this microphone
Maybe I can Electrify her brain
Show her how I take love and turn it to pain
I never been an ass-kisser
I call it if it's right--if rappers ain't gay or dikes
Then they unpluggin' your mic
My shit is cordless--I'm thugged out and wild as shit
And I'm comin' for my crown; it's Bumpy Knuckles, baby
And it's
The industry shakedown

Word up, word up
Word up, word up
Ready for the industry shakedown
Word up, word up
Industry shakedown
Word up, word up
That's right, nigga
Me and my nigga Pete Rock gon' show you motherfuckers how to shake it down
You ready for this one? Check it out

When I spit hot potato, I was peepin' Tommy Boy
But didn't wanna be the next act that they would destroy
See, labels be all on your dick when they see you have some paper
But I flip the game 'cuz I pull the capers
Got way more nut than date rapers
You better be tryin' to get yourself an office
Way on top of that skyscraper
I bring the ruckus, your money lookin' proper
Have you ever been stuck up by a hardcore hip-hopper?
Forgot ya signed to Cappa, a real Donnie Brasco
A nigga wit' mics and tape recorders, all up in his asshole
Speakin' of police, I found a Interscope
And when I looked through the hole what I saw was dope
I saw a new nigga, sittin' behind a big desk
Wit' a big head and a big chest
And a big belly, talkin' on a celly
Hatin' real players, cuttin' niggas throats
Like he was tryin' to be the mayor
Then some niggas rushed in, punched him in his mouth
Threw him down on the floor and started stompin' him out
Screamin' fuck Steve Stoute, serve street justice
Cryin' on the floor wit' your lip all busted
You went out like a pussy, fuck the dough you got
'Cuz wit' all that money, nigga, you still can't buy a heart
Only gangstas play the part
I'm still around to bring you the industry shakedown

Word up, word up
To the Pete Rock, and you don't stop
To the Pete Rock, and you don't stop
My nigga Pete Rock, and you don't stop

I never felt like I should have to hold back anything I say
So I make the kinda records Red Alert don't play
Because I flow too hard, my voice is penetratin'
Or maybe your crate needs renovatin'; I'm used to hatin'
That's why I'm hockey on you niggas, stickin' and skatin'
I heard about the Blaze Battle--they asked me to be in it
But to not consider me one of the fifty great
So I reviewed my tapes, figured my position
Sat and thought for a minute, grabbed the phone and said listen
I sell less records than some niggas out wit' a deal
Gettin' more cash and all my diamonds is real
And you want me to battle for a Rolie, that I'm-a take anyway
Better leave me the fuck alone; Bumpy Knucks don't play
It made me laugh when I think about how Gary Harris
Tried to play me, then got fired and all fuckin' embarrassed
Fly shit is that he saw me wit' a smile at a club
Reached to shake my fuckin' hand and brought back a nub
All them temporary spots will be filled time again
You can hate me now, but I will rhyme again
Fall down, climb again, more wild, more corrupt
Still spittin' more shit, more fire, more abrupt
And I'll never put my two guns down
Why's that?
'Cuz I need 'em for the industry shakedown

Word up, word up
Word up, word up
Industry shakedown
That's right
That's what the fuck I call a industry shakedown
Word up, word up
And it's a lotta motherfuckers out there that I didn't name in this
Motherfucking song, but I tell you this much
Get ready for the industry shakedown
Don't think I forgot motherfuckers 'cuz I reserve my options
It's Bumpy Knuckles, baby, ha
Word up, word up
And the Chocolate Boy Wonder
I show you niggas a fast way to six feet under
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Industry Shakedown Lyrics

Freddie Foxxx – Industry Shakedown Lyrics