Three boys risked their lives
In flames of fire they were sure to die
The king said bow they said we're not gonna do it
Although they went it, the Lord He brought it

He knows the path You take and even if it leads you to a rocky place
It's okay
Whatever you can think to ask, He can do much more
And you just say while you wait

Is there anything, anything
Anything too hard for Him
If it's impossible, do you need a miracle
Anything too hard for Him

[Verse 2:]
Say you got a mountain
Seems like it won't move
No time to climb it it
You don't know what to do, hey
What about when
(He brought A(or the) big giant down.)
With a stone in the hands of a little child

(Repeat Channel 2x)
(Verse 3 or maybe 2)
All around Jesus, was a multitude.
Somebody said, "how we gonna feed 'em, aint got no food?"
And then a little boy, with fish and bread, that aint nothin',
The disciples said.
But look at Jesus, he made a way.
More than 5, 000 ate good that day.
(Repeat Channel)

That ain't nothin', that ain't nothin', that ain't nothin', that ain't nothin'
That ain't nothin', that ain't nothin', that ain't nothin'
That ain't nothin' too hard
[Verse 4:]
Ever have God, come talk to you?
Say you're gonna have baby,
When you should be through.
Abraham told Sarah 'bout the promise child.
You know she laughed said man that sounds wild.
But God through her, blew everybody's mind.
And here comes Isaac, right on time, say.

(Repeat Channel)

(Repeat Vamp)

(Repeat Channel)

(Repeat Vamp)
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That Ain't Nothin' Lyrics

Fred Hammond – That Ain't Nothin' Lyrics

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