Frank zappa (lead guitar, vocals)Adrian belew (rhythm guitar, vocals)Tommy mars (keyboards, vocals)Peter wolf (keyboards)Patrick o’hearn (bass, vocals)Terry bozzio (drums, vocals)Ed mann (percussion, vocals)Napoleon murphy brock (background vocals)Andre lewis (background vocals)Randy thornton (background vocals)Davey moire (background vocals)Listen to him go!Wait a minute; we gotta get somethin’ real happenin’ hereHe’s in there spendin’ thousands of dollars ’n’ shit...We should make this worthwhileWe shouldWe should get into something realHo hoLeather!No, man, he’s not interested in leather...shitThat shit’s been fuckin’ rubbed in the groundHmmmmChrist, that’s goin’ on two tours old now...We gotta come up with some new shit...
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We Gotta Get Into Something Real Lyrics

Frank Zappa – We Gotta Get Into Something Real Lyrics