Frank zappa (lead guitar, vocals)Mark volman (vocals)Howard kaylan (vocals)Jim pons (bass, vocals)Don preston (keyboards, electronics)Ian underwood (keyboards, alto saxophone)Aynsley dunbar (drums)I, I can’t see you, but I know that you’re out there... It’s that little voice... That same little voice at all of the concerts, Of the guy in the back of the roomokay...?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? A couple a years ago, There was a guy that used to cometo all the concerts on the east coasti swore I heard him every night for a monththat he was somewhere in the audienceanyway, it’s this little voice, and he would say: Freak me out frank! Freak me out! Freak me out frank! Okay, here we go! Arf arf! ?!?!?!? Arf! Ruthie-ruthiewhere did you go? Oh, ruthie-ruthiewhere did you go? Last night, I tried to... Herthis burned pennsylvania all... Your storyright after ruth got through barfin’She pushed the tray out the doorshe rocks me compassionateruthie-ruthiewhere did you go? What could you do now, What could you do? Ruthie-ruthieoh yeahwhat did you do? Ruthie had on a thin night gownshe wouldn’t fill it everywhereno no no noshe pushed the tray out the doorsome guy tried to come inshe kicked him in the noseshe said: oh oh oh oh! Ruthie-ruthiewhat did you do? (now, what did you do? What did you do? What did you do?)Ruthie-ruthie(ruthie-ruthiethat was the best thing anybody could do)What did you do now? Well, we have another song for youthat goes far beyond louie-louie, Ruthie-ruthie, or even brian-brianthis song is so advancedit takes us all the way from nineteen fifty-fivedirectly to approximately nineteen fifty-seven, Which is when it should have been written, But actually it was written about nineteen seventythis is a song, We like to dedicate this song to marty, our road manager, Who has a fondness for the k-nine speciesand the orifice attendant thereto
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Ruthie-ruthie Lyrics