Writer(s): leo robin/ralph raingerThanks for the memoryOf things I can’t forgetJourneys on a jetOur wond’rous week in martiniqueAnd vegas and rouletteHow lucky I wasAnd thanks for the memoryOf summers by the seaDawn in waikikiWe had a pad in londonBut we didn’t stop for teaHow cozy it wasNow since our breakup I wake upAlone on a gray morning-afterI long for the sound of your laughterAnd then I see the laugh’s on meBut thanks for the memoryOf every touch a thrillI’ve been through the millI’ve lived a lot and learned a lotYou loved me not and stillI miss you so muchThanks for the memoryOf how we used to jogEven in a fogThat barbecue in malibuAway from all the smogHow rainy it wasThanks for the memoryOf letters I destroyedBooks that we enjoyedTonight the way things lookI need a book by sigmund freudHow brainy he wasGone are those evenings on broadwayTogether we’d go to a great showBut now I begin with the late showAnd wish that youWere watching, tooI know it’s a fallacyThat grown men never cryBaby, that’s a lieWe had our bed of rosesBut forgot that roses dieAnd thank you so much
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Thanks For The Memories Lyrics

Frank Sinatra – Thanks For The Memories Lyrics