Writer(s): latouche/fetter/dukehere I go againi hear those trumpets blow againall aglow againtaking a chance on lovehere I slide againabout to take that ride againstarry eyed againtaking a chance on lovei thought that cards were a frame-upi never would trynow I’m taking that game upand the ace of hearts is highthings are mending nowi see a rainbow blending nowwe’ll have a happy ending nowtaking a chance on lovehere I slip againabout to take that trip againi got that grip againtaking a chance on lovenow I prove againthat I can make life move againi’m in a grove againtaking a chance on lovei walk around with a horseshoein clover I lieand brother rabbit of course youbetter kiss your foot good-byeon that ball againi’m riding for a fall againi’m gonna give my all againtaking a chance on love
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Taking A Chance On Love Lyrics