A cigarette that bears a lipstick’s tracesAn airline ticket to romantic placesAnd still my heart has wingsThese foolish things remind me of youA tinkling piano in the next apartmentThose stumbling words that told you what my heart meantA fairground’s painted swingsThese foolish things remind me of youYou came, you saw, you conquered meWhen you did that to meI knew somehow this had to beThe winds of march that make my heart a dancerA telephone that rings but who’s to answer? Oh, how the ghost of you clingsThese foolish things remind me of youThe smile of turner and the scent of rosesThe waiters whistling as the last bar closesThe song that crosby singsThese foolish things remind me of you
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These Foolish Things Lyrics

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Frank Sinatra – These Foolish Things Lyrics

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