Have you met dolores? she’s queen of the forestHave you met olivia? her I’d gladly give yaHave you met the queen, the rulah, tallulahFor that gal tallulah I would fight a duela,I would climb a hillah, I’ll paddle to priscilla,But this is getting sillah, I’m getting lots of thrillah, tallulahWhen she starts to lock on to a man to love she wants to fricasseeNo one doing the hula, can do what tallulah can do to me.I have met fatima (fatima is a schemma)I have met marquita (marquita is a cheeta)I have met jemima, she’s a social climbaI have met ophelia, she will double deal ya,Just one girl is trullah, I’ll take tallulah
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I’ll Take Tallulah Lyrics

Frank Sinatra – I’ll Take Tallulah Lyrics

Songwriters: Lane, Burton / Harburg, E.Y.
I’ll Take Tallulah lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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