Ah you've got flaws
That you won't admit
Yet you tell me it's a sin
That I don't believe in
Yet you traded in your cross
For a chance to dance with stars
Now nothing is sacred

I've given thought to leaving
F-f-f-for some time
If only I could read a map
My moat is New Mexico
So it's you I wrote

I started sending you a note
On how I hope that you're happy
I hear you're somewhere in the sand
And how I wish I was an ocean
Maybe then,
I'd get to see you again

And all my friends
They break and they bend
They take shape and they tend
To get better with time
And I say
"Who am I to work so much less
Yet get more
You all deserve what I am walking towards
If you want you should move away"

This has become my weakness
The golden state wins again
Perhaps it's time I settle
Say "it's blue
At least that's a plus"
I miss you so much

Why am I scared of people in a room?
Why can't they see a good time
Are the people close to you?
Why don't I just give in?
Have a drink and shake some hands
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Oceans Lyrics

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