Many countries I have crossed
And many rumors I've heard
All about me, they were talking
Was that truth or stupid lies
It appears that I am heartless
Hidden in my evil beauty
They say I have no feelings
But a coldness in my eyes
Beyond the seas, when my name is heard
Valorous warriors tremble in fear
No one would dare to defy me
Cause I was part of all the wars
In every path that I followed
Everyone avoid and fear my name
But since our glances crossed
Our destinies are linked forever
But you're still unaware
I sell my soul to have you by my side
To fill the emptiness of a lonely life
I sell my soul 'cause no more I want to hide
In the darkness of this eternal night
Just to kill all that darkness
The abyss where I was born
I chose you among the mortals
Cause you had the courage to face me
For you I'd be ready to learn
How to trust and how to love
For years I lived like an animal
No one to take care of me
For a long time I've waited this day
My spell has worked so well
I'll lose powers but you'll be mine
Together we will reach the light
But you're still unaware
I sell my soul...

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My Soul Lyrics

Forgotten Tales – My Soul Lyrics