Consumed in your needs
I am not here to feed your desires
Love is not what you've made it
A chance I took
I now regret
I'm ashamed of what we've created
I pursue a love that won't fade
Not this one we have made
A love that stands
Your reprimands
Only push me away
Push me away

The realization
Of what you've become
(Envelops me)
You don't always reap what you sow
I planted love and watched it grow
I watched it grow
From the ground

Throw your pride
To the wind
We both know you can't
Do this on your own
(It's time to stand aside and let me)
Tear open your eyes
(Let's hope that they're not blind)
Pry open your mind
It's time

You can keep your temporary happiness
And I will keep my truth
Even if it hurts you

My roots dig deep
Into the ground
These words have made a sound
That we will not forget
We won't forget

Continue composing
This disappointing letter
Of appeal
To the ones you love
And the things you do
That rob your dignity

-ft Michael Skaggs
Open (open)
Open up the gates
To my chest
Sit back and observe
My heart, my heart strives to beat
My lungs fight to

Find A way to find yourself
Find A way to find yourself

Ft Trevor Tatro
Find a way to find yourself
(To find yourself)
This task is for you alone
And no one else
You have been here for far
Too long
Find yourself
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Infatuation Ft Trevor Tatro & Michael Skaggs Lyrics

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