Hello dear Jesus, can you hear me pray to you?
Hello my brother, if you pray he'll hear you too
When you're lost he gives direction, if you ask he'll walk with you
There's someone waiting in the wings, praying that it all is true

And I am here to tell you


The Lord is love, he fills you up
You're never full and it's not enough
The Lord is love he won't let you go
Into the world and follow

Broken hearts that disappear, a million lives that reappear
I'll give it all to the one I know as Jesus
If the wind and waves hold true
That is what you and I must do
To calm the storm before the rain
And tame us from our sinning ways


Oh Lord, I hear you calling out to me
I know that you're the only way
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The Lord Is Love Lyrics

Forever Moon – The Lord Is Love Lyrics