We're all living in selfishness,
And not caring about other lives.
We only want what we want.
This greed right in front of our eyes,
The view of our worth is out of control,
We see it,
And just keep taking.
This world becomes more valuable than love.

It haunts our world.
And we cover our eyes,
We buy our hearts content to fill a void.
No, I will relent, and it won't go away, no it won't go away.
This image you want, it will take your life and you will pay.

Our society teaches consumption is the only thing,
Get rich quick scheme,
Take the goods while they're cheap.
Dwelling in a material world.
We drown ourselves in growth and purchase these lies.
It's in our greed, our greed right in front of our eyes.
The media pushes beauty and s** as acceptance,
To wear a mask or a condom and fool yourself.
Buying into this growth, we must kill the image,
If this is how to be accepted than I will have no part
... Kill the image
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Consumer Lyrics

Focused – Consumer Lyrics