If you really knew how I felt
You wouldn't need to be here asking
Those questions;
Those irritating questions, moving in metaphors,
Speaking in tongues.

Your gunboat diplomacy.
You accuse me of heresy, of being irreverent.
My opinions irrelevant when I smile at your smiles,
When you're speaking in tongues.

As we move to a stalemate
You say a contract's a contract,
And this is nonnegotiable.
I question your morality; you question my reality.
You're speaking in tongues.

We are speaking in tongues.
Am I deaf because I cannot comprehend?
Though I try, I just cannot understand.

Your entrenched opinions,
On the border of arrogance,
Dug in against the compromise.
A position indefensible; your actions illogical.
You're speaking in tongues.

You swear contradictions.
Your tedious monologues, wielding authority,
Demanding subservience, demanding
I make your sense.
Demanding speaking in tongues.
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Tongues Lyrics

Fish – Tongues Lyrics