Sheltering her ego on the edge of the floodlight`s arc.
She`ll contemplate seduction, calculate the catch.
When she moved her presence speared me.
When she spoke her words ensnared me.
Watch the lizard, watch the lizard,
Watch the lizard with the crimson veil.

She crucified my heart in the depths of a satin grave,
As I lay in sweating monologue, I sensed the lovelight fade.
Within the spiral of the cigarette,
You betrayed your bedside etiquette.
I saw the lizard, I saw the lizard,
I touched the lizard with the crimson veil.

I`ve seen a different doorway shut a million times before.
Smilng she-chameleons, smiling vinyl whores.

They know what they want, they sing your name and glide between the sheets;
I never say no, in chemical glow we`ll let our bodies meet.

Degraded and alone, raped and still forlorn;
Betrayed upon a lizard`s bed.
We chameleon, we chameleon, We...
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She Chameleon Lyrics

Fish – She Chameleon Lyrics