Chicka-pow! Don't shoot me down
Oh no, how low can you go

Driving fast to get to work
Queen is there just being a jerk
Running her mouth a million times an hour
She's talking trash
It's going sour
That stuff that makes you hurt
Cut you down, make you hit the dirt

Say, she's driving that DIVA thing
That D-I-V-A diva thing

Why can't you say you're sorry
For treating me so naughty
Just want an apology
Is that against your personal theology
What'd I do to deserve this
How'd I get on your bad list
Just want to make it right
Please Queen please
Let's not fight
Let's not fight, let's not fight
I don't wanna fight tonight
You had your chance to right your wrong
Can't we all just get along

You go and talk behind my back
Don't you know that's whack
It's a personal attack
Oh snap
Some friend you are to me
You're Miss Personality
Are you too blind to see
You're such a drama queen

Fresh off the chopping block
She cut me deep and it hurts a lot
She hit me with her best shot
And never gave a second thought
That's too much drama for me mama
Why do you like to stir it
When I am near you throw fits
You cry oh me, me, me
Ain't you got no decency
You dish it out, I take it
I wish you'd just stop fakin'
In your mind your grass is green
But I know you's a drama queen
You're such a, you're such a
You're such a drama queen


She's a drama queen, if you know what I mean
She'll get under your skin and make you scream
Oww, drama queen
I need a vaccine 'cause you so mean
You got a disease I don't need
And it pays no heed to get it
So better quit it
'Cause a friend in need is a friend indeed
And you ain't that
You's a drama queen

Emphatic, dramatic, you're like a psychosomatic
You're always so problematic
Your drama is cinematic
There's no comparison to the damage you've done
But you've only begun with your hit and runs

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Drama Queen Lyrics

Family Force 5 – Drama Queen Lyrics

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