In our world, Malaria kills a child every 30 seconds.
11 Million children die every year of mal-nutrition.
(To all new arrivals, welcome)

In our world, 15 Million children have been orphaned by AIDS.
30,000 children die of preventable causes every day.
(To all new arrivals, welcome)
In our world, 2 million children are working in the sex trade this moment.
1.1 Billion people in the world, earn less than a dollar a day.
-Chorus x2
To all new arrivals, we love you.
We would die for you, kill for you, ahhh... Welcome.
If theres a God, be aware, I'm a man newly made.
My son lies here, and only of him, am I afraid.
As I gaze into that face, I perceive that which is true.
I created him, and we created you... in his image.
And I never knew love like this.
-Chorus x2
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To All New Arrivals Lyrics

Faithless – To All New Arrivals Lyrics

Songwriters: Bentovim, Ayalah / Armstrong, Rollo / Jazz, Maxi / Collier, Harry
To All New Arrivals lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group

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