I'm getting all keys... From the South Beach
N***a please cool sits no '
Rapp superstars and a super charge
Left now, cry later, d
Die hater, any n***a try players
They see me in the streets and be like yo his nice
But that's all they know '
Have the cash but no hoers' pull a men '
N***a be old and he's losing for this hoers
You don't know a damn n***a, you don't know a damn n***a
I surely come quicker '
And steel kick with me the same n***a idle flicker with me
Now wanna flick with me, now ask for these niggas'
The n***a higher like the '
Yeah I know the rules'talking 'bout all the club walk through
Females brand new, now that club is new I lay my game high
I won my spot back, take two, motherfuckers mad cause I blow n****s head
Got you life on my neck '
You just smooth from my '
Paparazzi no camera '
'. Found nothing, be casing come up for him
All starts game s**t I say stop playing
'face it ain't hard to get it
'when she free up we f****d up
Now she spending yours dressing me up
Long kiss, as I kiss your a** good night
As I kiss your as good night, f**k you
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Long Kiss Lyrics

Fabolous – Long Kiss Lyrics