Our souls belong to the fire
We follow the shadow of darkness spirits
In our veins the hate and vengeance's blood
Keep the fury to going on the war

We left the weaks behind
Only the strong ones will follow the march
Crossing over the reign of the human weakness

We got our knowledge in the infernal flames
The prince of darkness began his reign
The infernal legions are going to

The power of the abyss is declared
Bringing the force and hate to the souls
Strengthening the hearts of the
Ancient rites followers

We walk on the way of destruction
We celebrate the come of the new age
With our weapons on hands
We fight with pride and honor

In the end of this world
There will be only darkness
And through the unholy flames
The ancient world will reborn

Rites of destruction and chanted
Catching on the corners of the Earth
Will be heard and followed
For the prophecy get carried out

Empire of Force and Knowledge
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Prelude Of Destruction Lyrics

Evilwar – Prelude Of Destruction Lyrics