Yea, oh yea, yea
Do you want to break-up?

I've got a heavy heart
Got heart filled full of lead.
Pocket full of heartache
(car crash in my head).
I've got a steady hand
Gonna lead me to my home.
Take me up to heaven
(heaven's where I'm goin')


I've seen trouble
I looked right up to it's face
Never tried to turn away.
And I've been sad
I've been overjoyed
So let me disembrace you now
My little trouble boy


You took me to the ocean
Dropped me like a stone.
Took me to the deep blue ocean.
I don't wanna stay there baby
I don't wanna swim alone

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Do You Want To Break Up? Lyrics

Eurythmics – Do You Want To Break Up? Lyrics

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