You and I baby-girl I know I wanna make this right, I'm here to stay
Stick in the long run, by your side change the sky to blue from gray
Seeing that smile is what I rather want then give you window pane
I rather B-All you need, let you know no need for a masquerade
No need to worry bout getting hurt, I'm always gonna make us work
Make toast instead of taking burns, attached to you like long sleeve shirts
Princess, it's you'd I'd serve as your knight I'd kneel...
Pledge my love, give my all, tell you how I feel...
I been grateful since the day you came, we causing static
You gave my life a different meaning, you became my habit
Sometimes there's reason, but miracles do happen...
This is what they call love when two people make magic

[Verse 2:]
Every day I think bout us, not just me including you
No other one I need, give you everything I have
If people say I have no heart, it's because it's been gone
Since the day you stolen it, baby-girl you kept it warm
Angel, flawless perfection, beside me
Beauty is what you are, my love Aphrodite
To give my all is the best I do, all I want is to give it to you
Put you first on headline news, put you in my spotlight
Give the world if not share mines, picture perfect Kodak signs
Girl I wasn't blind, seen the world through your eyes
Got me focused, paradise I see it all snow globe
Sky view, eagle eye, so beautiful don't go
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Give You My All Lyrics

Eric Morante – Give You My All Lyrics

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