Maybe we're both really to blame
But I know that's simply my way
Of over-justifying
I should've lied to your face

Maybe we could have kept trusting
And always relying
But instead we ended up
Right where we started

Minus the promises
We left behind
I guess I thought I could
Leave you broken-hearted

Step back re-configure
And you wouldn't mind
'Til we're going down swingingâ?¦

I could've warned you
I should've told you
But I guess I expected you'd know
I wasn't lying now I'm done trying
To convince you that I'll never go
'Cause we're all used up

I had a card up my sleeve
Question is whether I knew
It was a crime
Who are we supposed to believe

Both of us left wondering
If I'm bluffing the whole time
And now we appear here
In this house of mirrors

Distorting re-living
'Til there's nothing at all
What made us think
It would get any clearer

It looks like we set ourselves
Up for the fall
Till we're going down swingingâ?¦

Please don't talk to me
Let's pretend that'll do the trick
Please pass me by on the street
It makes me sick
'Cause we're all used up
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All Used Up Lyrics

Eric Hutchinson – All Used Up Lyrics