Helios - Guide me by the sun
And with east and west geometrices
A trance will now be spun
Devils from past hells perceived to be one
But not by man; Aman, his clan
Now our fates will slice their tongues

From the East past the Herald Gates
For months and months their heels would batter and break
As they passed over great lengths to seize my spell
In the Galleries of the Utmost Evil
And then at last it's talons grew
Straight out from the Earth itself
The truth of all forgotten things
Too horrible for thought or mention

And the churning death from depths abhorred is found
His fervent duty unleashed with hate forever will resound
In the mind's eye until the end of days
- concurrent with what they've found
The spires of power and citadels of wrath
- of hidden poison wrapped in mounds

Like Apollyon's dark path - these harlots of lost dominion

Apart from his kind
- now in and amidst the sights of wonder, the bowels within
Of a prison long forgotten that scoured the Earth
- in the hearts and minds of men
As Moses received our will from the tree
This ignorant disciple will too scour the Earth
For a time and time again

Now go forth - bring Hell to all lost souls like Thebes
Decimate and raze the land as you choke off life
- Foul leech

The human race will do anything to murder itself
And to poison life for me
At the cost of my cult
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In The Galleries Of The Utmost Evil Lyrics

Enfold Darkness – In The Galleries Of The Utmost Evil Lyrics

Songwriters: Matt Brown, James Turk, Mike Low, Jack Blackburn
In The Galleries Of The Utmost Evil lyrics © TIGRIS MUSIC - REF

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