Call the ambulance!
I think she's lost control.
With every breath I take the devil chars her soul.
Again and again we repeat.

We repeat every God damned routine.
Until the veins they pulsate in my eyes.
So tell me why her name lingers inside my head.

With all that's been said...
It's safe to say that she's a killer,
It's safe to say she wants me dead.
With all that's been said...
I swear I'm better off now than I ever was holding it inside.

I'm waiting on a sign.
Point me to the end, point me to the end.
I know that you're the problem.
I know that you're the one to blame.
Now bear to watch as your ego crashes down.
With the lies leaving your lips, you're not fooling anyone I swear.

We are the flaws crawling from your inside out.

Holding to all of this left me broken at the ribs.
Your curses sink in my skin.
Your curses sank in my skin.
Now look at what I've become.
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Jacklyn Lyrics

Endyga – Jacklyn Lyrics