Well this is a long drive
With nothing to think about besides...
I'm ready to get better now
I swear at least i'll try
And how the world around me rings
My heart is done good by the strangest things

And these hands here here are lost without you
They depend on the devil now for something to do
And they try, but they don't get very far
They just manhandle strings on electric guitars

Memories, they blow through me
Like tumbleweeds or like air through a reed
And this is the sound they all make
And this is where the pianos might come in,
But I don't play.

I'm so happy, I could break down and cry
I was blue before, but now I can't remember why
And these vaudeville tears, well they aren't really here
I just conjured them up for the show
They're all just from memory, you know
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Vaudeville Tears Lyrics

Empty Orchestra – Vaudeville Tears Lyrics

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