(a duet with ray walker)(words & music by randy starr)I’m on the right track for lots of kissin’So that old greenback, I won’t be missin’All the greatest things in life are freeWho needs money, not meCash or credit, it doesn’t matterLong as my bank books keep growin’ fatterEasy street is my favorite avenueWho needs money, I doJust pity all those millionaires they never can relaxBecause they’re always worryin’ about their income taxWhy waste time on high financin’, I’d rather spend it on good romancin’What if my pockets are empty as can beWho needs money, not meTell me about itSome folks save it, some folks lend itBut as for me I want to spend itGive me some green and my skies will be blueWho needs money, I doStocks and bonds, they only bore meInterest holds no interest for meWho wants to sit in the lap of luxuryWho needs money, not meWhen I go to bed at night instead of counting sheepI start counting dollar bills and then I fall asleepMaking money never thrills meIt’s making love that really kills meWhat can I lose with my philosophyWho needs money, not meWhat do you wantI want a big yacht, I can cruise inThe kind that girls just can’t refuse inAll it takes is a million or twoWho needs money, I doAny time some gal starts flirtin’Now that I’m broke I know for certainShe really digs my personalityTell me, who needs money not mePoverty’s the only thing that money cannot buySo rich or poor it pays to have m-o-n-e-yA gal who’s tender, that’s what I loveIt’s legal tender, I want a pile ofJust let my liquid assets overflowYou can’t take it with you when you goSo, who needs moneyThat lovely, lovely moneyWho needs money, not me
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Who Needs Money Lyrics

Elvis Presley – Who Needs Money Lyrics

Songwriters: RANDY STARR
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