(words & music by rosenblatt - milrose)Michigan state, comityHarvard universityVassa, wilbur smith and brownShakin’ up this here town tonightStartin’ tonightHave a ball do it all startin’ tonightGrab your partner by the hand,Spread a blanket on the sandThree a.m. go for a swimClothes and all jump right inTonight, startin’ tonightLet out the stops, call the cops, it’s all right’course when the cops have come and goneYou’ll just keep carrying onDon’t you worry if you land in jailWe’ll forward your mail if you can’t make bailTonight, startin’ tonightHave a ball do it all startin’ tonightAnything goes, everything goes, startin’ tonightStartin’ tonight.
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Startin’ Tonight Lyrics

Elvis Presley – Startin’ Tonight Lyrics

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