(words & music by wayne - edwards)Beware of a gal in britchesYo-di-o-di-oNever trust no gal in britchesNo-di-o-di-oIf you had a sense of this here horseYou would have known it by now of courseWho wears the britches is the bossThat’s a gal, that’s a gal in britchesDon’t mess with a gal in britchesYo-di-o-di-oNo feminine gal wears britchesNo-di-o-di-oShe’ll beg you to come to the country danceYou ride twenty miles for the big romanceShe shows up in her brother’s pantsWhat’d you expect from a girl in britchesYo-di-o-di-o-i-ay, it’s none of my misfortuneYo-di-o-di-o-di-ay, just thought you’d like to knowDon’t marry no gal in britchesYo-di-o-di-oYou’ll never know which is which’sNo-di-o-di-oShe’ll put a halter through your noseHave you cooking and washing clothesWhile she goes chasing them buffaloesBet your boots, that’s a gal in britches.
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Britches Lyrics

Elvis Presley – Britches Lyrics

Songwriters: S. WAYNE, S. EDWARDS
Britches lyrics © IMAGEM U.S. LLC

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