Written by reg dwight and nicky jamesNever releasedDada dum-da dadada dum-daWhere it’s atDada dum-da dadada dum-daWhere it’s atHe’s a man who knows most everythingOf anything at allTells a story of psychologyAnd his story never fallsHe’s a man who wears a portobello yellow bill-bob hatHe’s a man who knows exactly where it’s atHe’s a man who draws illusionsAnd he carves them on a treeIncluding all the love he foundHe gives to you and meAnd I don’t even know his nameBut I surely promise thatHe’s a man who knows exactly where it’s atRoaming around from place to placeHe takes in all that he seesHe notices the good things that please himHe watches all the bad things that grieve himBut he loves everybody and he knows just where it’s atHe was born of gypsy parenthoodAnd he’s always lived the landAnd if people who would talk to himJust cannot understandBut no matter what they say of himThey’ll always tell you thatHe’s a man who knows exactly where it’s at
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Where It’s At Lyrics

Elton John – Where It’s At Lyrics