Music by elton johnNever releasedTimothyWhy are you following meWhy don’t you take a few chancesWhile you got time on your sideTimothyHow can I make you seeSomebody’s got all the answersBut it sure ain’t meYou know that love’s a gameAnd I played it once or twiceOh you’re asking for adviceThat I can’t give you’cause it just don’t feel the sameIf you haven’t paid the priceIt’s something that you’re just gonnaHave to live throughTimothyWhy are you following meTimothyI’m not the person to tell youWhat you should do with your lifeTimothyThe joke’s on meYou got yourself more to handleThan I will ever beYou know that love’s a gameYou can guarantee to winLove has always been a game of learning’cause it just don’t feel the sameWhen you’re outside looking inAnd it’s still the same old question keeps returningTimothyWhy are you following meWell you know that love’s a gameYou play the best you canIt’s hard to understandThough we keep trying’cause it just don’t feel the sameWhen you lose the master planI sometimes have to laughTo keep from crying
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Timothy Lyrics