Music by elton johnLyrics by bernie taupinNever releasedCan you hear the floorboards cryingIn a room on the second floorThat used to be owned by someone who’s no oneBut he don’t live there anymoreOnly rebecca clasping her head in her kneesTrying to work out what it’s aboutAnd why someone had to leaveBut dry up your tearsStop counting the yearsDon’t worry what’s comingForget all your fearsAnd the tide will turn for rebeccaAnd the tide will turn for rebeccaHer life will changeHer hopes rearrangeInto something that might really matterShe’s all alone in a world of her ownWith a key that fits her lonely worldYou won’t need a crowd to shout out aloudWhat she says deserves to be heard
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The Tide Will Turn For Rebecca Lyrics