Music by elton johnLyrics by bernie taupinNever releasedThink the trees are shedding leavesIt looks that way and I might sayThe same applies to me’cause it’s autumn in my heartAnd you’re the reason dearI should try to get you backInstead of sitting being silly here’cause you’re the last good man in my lifeYou left me half the woman that I wasBut I’m gonna find the timeAnd you bet I’m gonna climbBacm into the arms of the last good man that I lovedCould have been me acting smartBut you know how I can’t end what I usually startYou’ll realize soemthing’s goneSure hope you miss me thenBut I wouldn’t make a fool of youI’d just pray that you might stay with me again
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The Last Good Man In My Life Lyrics

Elton John – The Last Good Man In My Life Lyrics