Written by elton john, davey johnstone, kiki dee and david nutterLyrics by bernie taupinReleased as a uk b-side in 1976You remind me so muchOf her when you’re walkingWhere everything’s perfectAnd nobody’s talkingYou’re a cushion uncrumpledYou’re a bed that’s unruffledIf I was bone china,Bone china aroundAnd I believe that the snow queenLives somewhere in the hillsShe’s got the world on a stringLike white wine when it’s chilledArms are spread like iciclesUpon a frosted cakeThe snow queen reigns in a warmer landBehind the cold black gatesYour talons are testedThey’re polished and they’re shavedYour talents are wastedOn men of no tasteBut how about provingThat passion means more thanA wardrobe of gowns, tv ratings,A fragile waist, and a name
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Snow Queen Lyrics