Music by elton johnLyrics by tim riceFrom the soundtrack the road to el doradoOh it’s great to see our homelandBreathe the iberian atmosphereJust because we are hispanicDoesn’t mean we’re oceanicQuite frankly we’ve had water up to hereWe’ve nade waves to last a lifetimeWe’ve been saturated, almost drownedWe are spanish not caribbeanWe are human, not amphibianWe’ll seek our fortunes on spain’s solid groundThere’s no future in the new worldOnly fools believe the talesOf the gold of el doradoOnly suckers set their sailsWe have seen the way the tide is turningWe see what no sailor canWe are in the ball, discerningWe’re anit-diluvianSixteenth century manTwo very fine examples ofSixteenth, sixteenth century manThere are women who are liningEvery avenue in every portNow at last we’ll get to grips withThings they never equip ships withWe have sailed into our last resortThere’s no goldmine in the new worldIt’s a trick to get recruitsOn the boat to el doradoWe’re returning to our rootsWe’re going back to land locked ladiesCortez never let them boardAll in all the point we’ve made isWe don’t want to go abroadTwo very fine examples ofSixteenth century manTwo terra firma samples ofSixteenth, sixteenth century man
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Sixteenth Century Man Lyrics