Music by elton johnLyrics by bernie taupinReleased as a uk b-side in 1986Well he looks through the wreckageBut he can’t find a photo of youThen he ties me in knotsWith riddles he chooses to useAnd he says how come you twoAre the only ones here who survivedOh I thought it was meWho was destined to beThe lord of the fliesAnd who rules when fools leave, I doSays the lord of the fliesLeave me your world, give me your earthSwallow your foolish prideAnd don’t think I’m wrong, it’s here I belongIt’s mine, I’m the lord of the fliesLord of the fliesLord of the fliesThen take all the money you wantIt’s the last thing we used for fuelHere in the late great capitalWe burned a bonfire for youHe knows we burned the harvestAnd saw through his disguiseHe’s no phantom at allHe’s the only thing leftThe lord of the flies
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Lord Of The Flies Lyrics